Pulselyre can be downloaded here: Pulselyre- (67 MB)

This Zip file includes a 'readme.txt' file with basic setup instructions. The same instructions are published on this blog post. Also, there are tooltips throughout the application with explanations for each feature and capability. Tooltips can be seen if you hover your mouse over buttons and areas. Please reach out with any questions, feedback, or suggestions. Also, please follow Pulselyre on social media to learn when new versions are published: X / Twitter, Instagram

Note that Pulselyre is a Windows application. It is also a "portable" application in that there is no installation process. Simply unzip the downloaded package and run the '.exe' file to start the application. Your settings will be saved in a 'pulselyre.dat' file in the same location. When updating, simply overwrite the existing 'Pulselyre.exe' with the new version. If you do not wish to keep Pulselyre on your computer, delete the 'Pulselyre.exe' file and 'pulselyre.dat' files.