Pulselyre can be downloaded here: Pulselyre- (72 MB)

Note that Pulselyre is a Windows application. It is also a "portable" application in that there is no installation process. Simply run the '.exe' file to start the application. Your settings will be saved in a 'pulselyre.dat' file in the same location. If you do not wish to keep Pulselyre on your computer, delete the Pulselyre '.exe' file and the 'pulselyre.dat' file.


Version (Feb 18 2024)

  • Sets default arpeggio pattern to off.
  • Fixes bug where recordings disappeared from timeline.
  • Fixes crash bugs when changing MIDI devices while recordings playing.

Version (Feb 17 2024)

  • Improves MIDI Input toggling behavior.
  • Allows recordings to transfer between channels and MIDI Output Devices.
  • Adds Arpeggio feature with multiple common patterns (Up, Down, Up/Down, etc...).
  • Combines the MIDI Input/Output selections with the Configuration panel, and re-arranges the layout.
  • Fixes crash bug when refreshing MIDI devices.
  • Renames Timeout to Sustain.
  • Adds channel selection for MIDI Inout Device.
  • Adds support for MIDI Key After Touch.
  • Splits Y-Changes setting to each feature.
  • Adds Min/Max settings for Y-Change settings.
  • Enables Repetition Rate changes from Configuration menu.
  • Adds Pause/Play/Cancel buttons for entire window and each row.

Version (Jan 24 2024)

  • Adds this changelog to About box.
  • Adds ability to repeat notes either per second or per beat.
  • Fixes crash bug when using missing MIDI Device.
  • Allows notes and velocities from external MIDI Input Devices to be used when setting bindings.
  • Adds ability to erase yet-to-play recorded notes from the timeline.
  • Adds tool tips.

Version (Jan 19 2024)

  • Fixes bug where recorded notes from external MIDI Input Devices were not displaying on the timeline.

Version (Jan 17 2024)

  • Initial release.